an app to encourange all to preform acts of kindness.
  • STORYBOOK - Meet a young evergreen tree named Spruce and puppy friend Holly in “The Christmas Tree That Changed The World”. Learn how they start a new North Pole tradition by adding ornaments to Spruce’s branches after doing kind acts. Enjoy their adventures as they create the first Christmas Tree of Kindness, make new friends and change our world for the better... and just in time for Christmas! They may inspire you too.
  • APP - Create a virtual tree and add ornaments by doing kind acts. Select a tree name, background theme and number of ornaments. Enter your own kind acts or choose from suggestions. Decorate independently or invite family and friends to join your tree with a prepared message and passcode so everyone can add ornaments together. Tap an ornament to learn who added it with the kind act description. When completed all receive a treetopper star and Christmas music to celebrate!
  • CRAFT ACTIVITY - Print two sheets and enjoy cutting out ornaments and adding them to a tree as each person completes a kind act. Include on the ornaments the name of the person that competed the kind act, descriptions of the kind acts and favorite craft materials. May be especially enjoyed in kitchens and classrooms by individuals, families and groups. NOW AVAILABLE - CRAFT ACTIVITY INCLUDED at the back of each book!

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