an app to encourange all to preform acts of kindness.
Christmas Tree of Kindness

Enjoy decorating with ornaments earned by completing kind acts!

The $1.99 Christmas Tree of Kindness App includes:
  • VIRTUAL ACTIVITY - Creator of a tree may decorate independently on iPhones and iPads or invite others. All receive a star for the treetop and Christmas music when completed.
  • STORY - Enjoy reading how a young evergreen tree named Spruce and puppy friend Holly create “The Christmas Tree That Changed The World” and inspire everyone to decorate trees with kindness.
  • CRAFT ACTVITY - Print two sheets that include 39 ornaments and a tree to decorate with kind acts, crafts, descriptions, names, colouring and drawings.

Teachers, families and friends, looking for some fun ideas? Click the light bulb!

Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Easter ornaments also included for more kindness tree fun!
A portion of all profits will be donated to World Vision

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